J. E. M. Hargreaves - Painter in Oils


As a painter I become attached to certain brushes. Brushes may only last, as long as the time it takes, to complete a painting. Sometimes I repair a brush because it serves a particular function, so each work feels uninterrupted. I enjoy working in black and white, adding only the Bath stone hues as colour.                                                                  


Point Duty

PC 34 on Point Duty

Original Canvases, Limited Edition Prints and Cards

I was born in Bath and stayed close to the city, attending university here. After spending ten years painting abstraction, my journey brought me full circle, returning to a more illustrative approach. I was privileged in 2008 to be commissioned to paint ten paintings, to brighten up, the children's round-about in Bath's Royal Victoria Park.  Here I began painting historical sites of Bath, such as Prior Park and The Theatre Royal. This set in motion my growing visual diary, of architecture and society, past and present. In 2013 I was asked to paint a montage of the present day children's play area, incorporating the round-about, bandstand, picnic groups and hot air balloons.

My latest series of work is focused on the similarities and changes of Baths social influences, fashions, transport and architecture, throughout the decades. The views and street scenes are focused towards the old Roman North, South, West and East gates, where   the desire for the natural hot springs of Bath, first attracted the larger social groups.

Thick black charcoal lines are usually my first step onto a canvas. The buildings appear and remain dominant, in comparison to the size of the people.


Stringed Instrument

- PC 34 David Moreton - Southgate Bath 1947

- 1of 42 Circular paintings 2005